About Dr. John Cole

The Doctor – About Dr. John Cole

Dr. John P. Cole, MD, has been leading research and invention of hair transplant technologies since 1990 after graduating from the University of Missouri with a postgraduate degree in internal medicine. He has steadily developed and refined methods for hair restoration always being a pioneer for the least invasive method. Being inspired by Dr. Inaba´s invention of FUE – Follicular Unit Extration – he refined the technique to become his own proprietary hair transplant method named CIT ® (Cole Isolation Technique). Perfection and accuracy as much as artistry have always been a fundamental stimulus for his work leading to a revolutionary new technology lately. The Cole Isolation Technique (CITTM) marks the latest state of perfection as depth control mechanisms are minimizing the risk of hair follicle trauma and injuries being the essential reason to result in highest yields of successfully transplanted hair.

Dr. Cole´s Surgical Tools

Dr. Cole has shown high interest in advanced medical instruments for hair transplant to achieve the best possible outcome with high-quality products. His latest invention, the PCID, marks the keystone of modern technology for the extraction process. FUE being the state-of-the-art method for minimally invasive hair transplant has currently achieved oustanding results on patients. As it started to be more labour-intensive motorized instruments have been developed recently to be conspicuously faster than manual FUE extractors. Dr. John Cole´s personal invention is based on the idea that a computer-controlled “brain” is delivering all necessary data to a costum-made punch in the doctor´s hand always responding to messages between surgeon, computer and patient.


His findings and developments as much as his artful work as a hair surgeon have regularly been honoured by the scientific society awarding Dr. John Cole, MD, with multiple prizes which are reflecting the oustanding acknowledgement of his work:

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (Scientific Research Grant and Award, Ten Year Attendance Pen, Five Year Attendance Pen), the

Italian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (Michaelangelo Award, Archimedes Award), the Dermal Hair International Group (DHI Bronze Medal 2000, DHI Gold Medal 2002) and the ISHRS Golden Follicle Award 2013


Dr. John P. Cole´s reputation has actually achieved its highest level in the hair transplant business being regularly affirmed by notable international societies.  Attending annual conferences, teaching on international workshops, speaking on global meetings, orchestrating programs and multiple presentations on forums have made him become a regular host and guest on several stages in the hair restoration business. He is actual member of the  International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the

American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, the American Medical Association, the European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and the

American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Dr. Cole, MD, has also become a Diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.