FUE Extraction Punches Dr. Cole

Cole Instruments, Incorporated (“CII”) offers a line of specially manufactured surgical punches specifically designed for use in Follicular Unit Extraction or “FUE” hair transplants. Every CII punch is the highest quality and made from hardened steel. The punches are made to be used with manual as well as power driven (mechanical) devices.

These innovative punches were designed by noted surgeon Dr. John P. Cole to address typical issues in FUE procedures. “Follicular units” which are natural groupings of hair are prone to damage or severing (“transection”) during the extraction and transplant process. Dr. Cole also developed the “Cole Isolation Technique” of minimal depth penetration, which reduces scalp trauma and also minimizes the risk of follicular transaction.

The hardened steel used in the punches not only provides the sharpest cutting edge available, it also increases the useful life of the punch. Reports have shown over 2000 grafts have been extracted from a single CII punch. Other features include a thin wall construction, which reduces friction and causes less resistance when entering the skin than other traditional punches. The outside cutting-edge surface is optimal for FUE procedures. These features along with the minimal depth aspect assure not only fast extraction but greatly diminished risk of transaction.

CII offers a variety of punches including:

Classic CII FUE Hair Transplant extraction punch

The Classic CII punch is offered in varying sizes ranging from .75 to 1.35 millimeters and is specially designed for use with the “Cole Instrument Handle” which allows precision depth control. This combination of using varying size punches and precise depth control significantly reduces the risk of damage to the follicular units.

The Serrounded FUE Hair Transplant extraction punches

Serrounded punches feature a serrated punch tip which lessens friction while being used. These punches also are sharper than the Classic CII punch and are offered in various sizes. Unique to these serrated punches are results including reduced friction, reduced cutting edge surface and greater gripping on skin contact lending to a far superior experience. These considerations are particularly beneficial when used with the Powered Cole Isolation Device (“PCID”).

CII Best Value Non Coated FUE Hair Restoration Extraction punches

CII Best Value Non Coated punches share the same sharpness as that of the Classic CII punch. They also have an inside bevel or outside cutting edge consistent with the Classic CII punch.

CII Best Value Titanium Nitride Coated punches

CII Best Value Titanium Nitride Coated punches have an inside bevel or outside cutting edge like the Classic CII punch. The Titanium Nitride coating provides for an extended useful life over traditional punches.

For the FUE practitioner, CII punches offer superior cutting edges, extended life of the product, reduced friction and thin wall construction. The variety of sizes and expanding diameter allow the physician to tailor the procedure to the patient. These precision punches allow for reduced force by the practitioner, minimizing trauma to the tissue and diminishing the risk of transaction of the hair grafts.