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Using finest instruments for hair transplant regularly ensures higher efficiency and more accuracy during the hair transplant procedure. Patients of clinics using Cole Instruments emphatically appreciate the aesthetical and natural results they achieve when undergoing a hair transplant performed with the lastest state-of-the-art-method FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction technique). Any physician who uses surgery tools of Cole Instruments highly estimates the quality of our products being personally developed by Doctor John P. Cole, the pioneer for FUE. Dr. Cole has efficiently refined this method leading to a more precise form of isolating hair follicles which is actually respresenting a proprietary hair restoration technique called the Cole Isolation Technique (CITTM). Its essential progress displays higher depth control and more speed.

The risk of follicle trauma can significantly be minimized when managing a minimal depth control mechanism during the extraction process with precision instruments. This practically ensures a higher yield of successfully relocated grafts and lowers the transection rate during a procedure. Furthermore the Cole Isolation Technique (CITTM) is significantly managing a faster extraction rate than regular FUE methods. The PCID, a new motorized unit (Motorized Extraction Punch Device (Tool) or called micro motor, or motorized fue extraction techniques), is representing an advanced technology on a high-quality basis for physicians who want to efficiently work on a higher speed during the extraction process than with other mechanical FUE extractors by regularly achieving lowest transection rates and minimizing follicle injuries. Dr. Cole´s medical tools globally reach benchmark levels with technically advanced donor hair extraction techniques.

Automated and motorized Extraction Machine – Device (Tool) > The PCID: FUE Extraction technique of the future and the difference to other micromotors

Powered Cole Isolation Device (PCID)


Slider 4Powered Cole Isolation Device (PCID)

For reaching a maximum brilliance by innovating the extraction process the new and revolutionizing automated PCID will support both the physician and the patient to achieve the best outcome possible. As it is manufactured for motorized use of FUE it allows to oscillate, rotate and roto-oscillate. Being comprehensively controlled by a central computer every hair surgeon is able to easily deliver all necessary variables on the settings via a touchscreen being ultimately sent automatically to the punch. The punch is a costum-made handpiece which starts to correspond with the computer when applied on the patient. This highly advanced unit provides a surrounded punch with the sharpest blades being used for medical surgeries currently. Through this innovative combination of computer-controlled extraction Cole Instruments ensure precise parameters being communicated with the FUE punch and thus help to avoid poor extraction rates as much as errors regularly occuring during manual utilization.

Automated and motorized FUE Extraction techniques of the future: With the PCID FUE Device – Machine any Punch (punches) can be used

Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicans

A serrated tip in the punch helps to reduce skin-contact as much as possible and will avoid higher fluid motion. This least invasive technique will ultimately lead to less harm of both the skin and the follicles to guarantee more safety for the grafts.

As it mechanically supports the physician during his procedure the automated PCID helps to rise efficiency and accuracy as much as the speed targeting a higher extraction rate on a daily basis. The patient will benefit from a minimally invasive method to accurately redistribute selected grafts as the healing time will be shortened dramatically and less anaesthetics will be needed since more follicles can be extracted within a shorter period of time.

The Cole Isolation Technique (CITTM) is considerably based on depth control which ultimately can be ensured through the computer-based technology of the PCID. The PCID represents highest quality during motorized punch hair transplants via FUE and is available through Cole Instruments. Anyone interested in this new system being deliberatly developed by Dr. John P. Cole and his engineering team is invited to inform himself about this scientific technology. Feel free to contact us every time.

Furthermore Cole Instruments ensures best utilization of medical hair transplant – hair restoration instruments. As every of our instruments is individually manufactured in the US we want our costumers to achieve the best results possible by making proper and efficient use of the products. We welcome everyone to attend Dr. John P. Cole´s Workshops ( Schedule Hands-On Training / Workshops with Dr. John P. Cole). Everyone being interested in a personal hair transplant training program for hands-on may also schedule a personal hair restoration training with the Doctor.