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Motorized Extraction with FUE Hair Transplant – Isolating Follicular Units

As modern technologies in the hair restoration industry are continously evolving it has become a common business to achieve best results on patients with highly developed medical instruments. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) being the latest and most skillful method for hair transplantation has successfully iniated an area-wide request for hair transplantations since its minimally invasive character has convinced millions of people suffering from inherited balding to undergo a hair transplant in order to change their lives substantially.

Hair surgeons being interested in modern methods for hair transplant and targeting a fundamental improvement of their surgical tools are invited to have an insight look at our patent instruments and products for hair restoration. Cole Instruments are manufactured under control of Dr. John P. Cole, the pioneer and globally reputated surgeon for FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction – representing the Cole Isolation Technique (CITTM).

Medical device made by Cole Instruments is currently displaying the most advanced status of efficiency and accuracy for hair surgeons working with high-quality. We kindly invite you to find out more about our products. Furthermore we offer you to attend workshops or hand-on training for the best utilization of our high quality instruments.

Motorized punches for FUE feature a modern way within the extraction process of follicular units by targeting a higher yield of successfully redistributed hair. FUE-extractors being costum-made by Cole Instruments help modern hair surgeons to efficiently improve their daily business by achieving a better workflow in their clinics. Automization helps doctors to boost the daily extraction rate and minimize man-made errors which have regularly lowered the yield of successfully transplanted hair in the past.

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