Hair Transplant Training FUE Workshop Course

Schedule Hands-On Hair Transplant Training  and FUE Hair Restoration Courses and Workshops with Dr. John P. Cole

For all medical instruments of Cole Instruments we kindly offer practice studies and hand-on training hair restoration courses and programs for efficient and proper utilization. Dr. John P. Cole personally invites you to attend his workshops or follow invidual instruction trainings in Europe and the USA.

Hair Restoration Training Course in USA or in Turkey

Interested physcians have several options for scheduling a fue hair restoration training course or fue workshop with Dr. John P. Cole. Informative observations of hair transplant surgeries under personal attendance of Dr. Cole can be scheduled both in the USA and Europe in Turkey – Ankara. Dr. John Cole being the world´s most talented surgeon for FUE hair restoration invites other physicians to get an impressive look at his work and learn how to use his latest surgical tools.

Sheduling a Hair Restoration Training Course

For hair surgeons willingly to be trained in the Cole Isolation Technique and the latest refined method for FUE are welcome to schedule a personal hair restoration training course. Cole Instruments offers attendance and hand-on hair restoration training programs in the USA at his private practice in Atlanta and for European and Eastern he offers in Ankara his Hair Restoration Training Course with HTTC.

The HTTC Center was founded through Dr. John Cole, the HLC (Hairlineclinic) Ankara (Turkey) and Andreas Krämer from the Hairforlife hair transplantation consultation center from Switzerland in Kreuzlingen near Constance Lake. Detailed information about his services can be found on:

Dr. John P. Cole has fundamental interest to make the right use of his instruments. When buying medical tools at Cole Instruments Dr. Cole personally invites you to visit one of his hand-on hair restoration training course to be optimally instructed in the overall utilization of advanced technologies by their inventor.

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