The PCID from Coleinstruments

Motorized Extraction FUE Hair Transplant Tools: The PCID Extractor from Coleinstruments

Powered Cole Isolation Device (PCID)

In the picture above to see the PCID device

Slider 4Powered Cole Isolation Device (PCID)

In the picture above to see the PCID handpiece

There are numerous machines (devices – tools) available to perform FUE Hair transplant. Unfortunately, almost all of these machines were originally built to perform dental surgery or cut much harder structures such as wood, bone, or teeth. Skin has a much different characteristic than these much harder structures. Only the PCID was built to specifically extract hair follicles from skin.

The PCID offers many optional settings including rotation, oscillation, and rotation followed by oscillation. The settings on the PCID may be precisely set. It is very important to know the precise setting and to match this setting to the type of punch you are using. A setting that is too high with a very sharp punch can damage the skin and follicles. A setting that is too low with a dull punch can cause skin torsion and follicle damage.

Every patient is slightly different. One must match the precise setting to the punch and the patient’s individual skin type. Only the PCID diallows for such variation so that the setting may be matched precisely to the individual patient.

Physicians get complimentary software upgrades with the PCID and a one year warranty on parts and labor due to malfunction resulting from normal wear and tear.

The sharpest Punches for use in the handpiece (PCID Device/Tool)

Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicans

The PCID accepts a variety of different punches provided they match the lumen of the collet. The optimal punch with the PCID is the very sharp Surrounded punch available from Cole Instruments.